Casino War explained

Casino War is by far the easiest and quickest game you’ll find in the casino. As the rules are very simple and the player’s odds are relatively good, Casino War is rapidly gaining popularity in casinos all over the world.
Casino War is played with 6 decks of normal playing cards. The order of the cards from low to high: 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 1 0 / J / Q / K / A

The game:
The main idea of Casino War is extremely simple: the player(s) and the dealer each gets one card, the highest card wins, without looking to the suits. Payout: 2to1. Quick and easy!
Of course there is a little more otherwise this games was, with a 50% change of winning, not profitable for the casino. The edge for the casino comes in the event the card of the player and the card of the house are the same. In this case, there are two options the player(s) has:
  1. “Surrender”: in this case the player gives up his/her hand, and loses half of his/her bet.
  2. “Go to war”: in this case the player decides to keep on playing this hand, in the hope of winning it of course. The player should place his/her bet again and the bank will place the players original bet next to the players chips (so the players bet is now twice the amount he/she can win). Again the player and the bank will get one card. The highest card wins the entire bet. When the cards are equal again, the player wins.
Extra bet:
Besides betting on one of the 7 boxes of the layout, you can also place a bet on the “Tie Line” or “Tie Box”.  In this case you’ll bet on the event that your hand will be equal to the dealers hand. If this happens, the bet will pay you 10to1. If not, you’ll lose you bet.
What are the odds:
If you surrender every time there is a tie, the casino has an edge of 3,7%. If you "go to war" every time there is a tie, the edge of the casino is 2,88%. So the conculusion is easy: always "go to war" when you play Casino War... that is, of course, if your bankroll allows you to. 
As Casino War is such an easy game with very limited rules, there are only a few differences in the way it has been offered in casinos world wide:
  • Some casinos offer an extra payout if you “go to war” and your card matches the bank’s card again. The extra payout is equal to the original bet.
  • When a player “goes to war”, the dealer normally burns 1 card before give the player a card and 1 card before giving him/herself a card. Some casinos burn 3 cards and some casinos don’t burn a card at all.