Casino News: #Mark Johnston

Too drunk to play?

Mark Johnston, a 52-year-old businessman from southern California sues the Downtown Grand casino in Las Vegas after losing $500.000 (€360.000) on the 30th of January in a 17 hour streak. The reason: he claims he was visibly intoxicated while the casino kept on giving him drinks credits.

According to Johnston’s, the casino served hem 20 drinks, while he was already drunk when he arrived. Besides that he claims he was even that drunk that he wasn’t able to even see/read the cards.
The law seems to be on Johnston’s side (if his story is true of course). Nevada’s state law asserts that casinos cannot continue to give money and drinks to patrons who are obviously drunk.

The casino says, however, that Johnston has been avoiding his gambling debts and the casino’s plan is to go after the money Johnston owes them.

To be continued!