Casino News: #Lion's Share

Jackpot or JackNot?

Isn’t it every players dream? Hitting the big Jackpot.

Of course it doesn’t happen every day, but the patience of players on one particular machine at the MGM casino in Las Vegas is really put to the test.

The Lion’s Share Progressive Slot machine hasn’t produced a jackpot in almost 20 years!! The current jackpot value: over 2,3 million dollars! The machines is the only survivor of a slew of $1 progressive slot machines (50 in total) from the early 1990’s and as Nevada’s law requires a pay out of at least 75% of the money that’s been put in, the Lion’s Share is not going anywhere until somebody hits the jackpot.

MGM’s Executive Director Justin Andrews told us, the Lion’s share gets played about five times more than any other slot machine in the casino and this already legendary machine has no lack of publicity as it has its own Facebook page, Twitter account and fanclub.

The big question: who will hit the jackpot, and when? Nobody knows… maybe it will take another 20 years.  

A nice rumor: the winner of the Jackpot, also wins the machine!

We’ll keep you posted.