Casino News: #China

Gaming revenues Macau through the roof!

It was already well known that Macau took over the number one position of highest gaming revenues in the World a few years ago (2007) and that records have been broken year after year. Nevertheless the results of 2013 were again beyond everyone's expectations.

The only legal gaming city in China saw its gaming revenues increasing to a stunning 45,2 billion Dollars!! To compare: that's 7(!) time higher than the 6.5 billion dollar revenue of the Las Vegas Strip casino's. 

Who thinks the end is in sight seems to be wrong. The expected growth for 2014 is 20%!

Development revenues Las Vegas vs Macau (billions %):

Did you know that:
* 73% of Macau's visitiors are from China
* gambling in Macau has been legal since the 1850's
* there are 36 casino's in Macau 
* Macau has about 5700 gaming tables and over 200.000 slotmachines